Ten Tips for Reading Success

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”

Parents truly are the best teachers a child will have. You know your child so well, their interests, what and who they love, their best learning time during the day. Below are ten researched based tips to help get your child on the road to being a reader. They are easy, quick and fun!

  1. You are the first and best teacher your child will have. Reading instruction begins at home when your child is an infant. You must read to them between the ages of 0-5.
  2. Reading is the most important subject in school. A student needs reading to master the other subjects. How can you answer questions or understand social studies or science if you cannot read the material?
  3. Reading must be fun and pleasurable. Reading aloud to your infant helps them to connect your voice and the book to comfort and security. Reading to your toddler helps the child connect reading with fun and informative stories.
  4. Reading aloud to your child is teaching them. It teaches them vocabulary, story structure and grammar, and stretches their attention span.
  5. Make a set time for reading each day. Remember that the art of listening to a story must be taught and takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.
  6. Involving a child is key! Invite them to turn the pages of the book. Ask them what they think the book might be about while looking at the cover.
  7. Always start by telling your child the title of the book, the author and the illustrator. This lets the child know that a real person wrote the book….a person just like them.
  8. Avoid long books when they are young. Reading must be an enjoyable activity. Pick books that are about topics your child enjoys. For infants, choose board books.
  9. Re-read books if the child asks you. Children benefit in many ways from hearing you read the same story over and over. It helps the child with comprehension and understanding the story. It builds their vocabulary and they become familiar and comfortable with a great number of words. It will help the child to become a fluent reader (able to read quickly, accurately and with expression) later on.
  10. Lastly, have fun!



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