Get that Fresh Start Feeling! Start by Organizing Your Closet

Want to get that fresh start feeling? Begin with purging your clothes.   



Getting rid of your own clothes is often the easiest place to start because the decisions you make don’t require input from someone else. The faster the decisions the faster the results. Seeing results quickly will motivate you to keep going and build the momentum needed to purge other parts of your home.  


Here are my favorite tips and tricks to say goodbye to those clothes you don’t like or wear and hello to the clothes you love.


Tip #1: Sort your clothes into yes, no, and maybe piles. Giving yourself a maybe pile will help you spend less time hemming and hawing between yes and no.  Stage your maybe pile to go back through again either right away or within a week.


Tip #2: Make your yes, no, and maybe decisions in ten seconds or less.  Walking down memory lane, which could stir up emotions, will only stall your efforts to accomplish your goal of purging your clothes. The longer you think about it, the less of a chance you’ll finish.  


Tip #3: When saying yes to keeping something, ask yourself these three questions: 

Does it fit well?

Does it feel good?

Does it look good?


Let’s be honest, if it doesn’t fit, feel or look good you will always choose something else to wear.  And, the only reason you’re holding on to those clothes is for negative reasons that don’t serve you. That’s just not good for your Feng Shui.  But, that’s for another article.  


Tip #4: Use large, strong trash bags.  Using trash bags to contain the clothes you’ll be getting rid of will make it easier to transport them to their new home. 


Tip #5: Decide ahead of time where your donated clothes will go. Planning in advance will make your clothes leave the house faster.  The faster your clothes leave your home the faster you will feel the “Fresh Start Feeling!”