Winging it: “Stop thinking. Start doing!”

Emma Isaacs, a mom with six kids under the age of 11 (take a moment to let that sink in), runs a global business making life better for women. She is asked the same question a lot, “How do you do it all?” Her answer is simple, “Wing it!”


In her book, Winging it: Stop Thinking and Start Doing. Why Action Beats Planning Every Time, Emma shares her tips for other busy moms.


DO IT NOW. I try to never handle emails twice. When I read an email, I try to respond then and there and delete it.


DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. I gave up perfectionism a long time ago. I’m all about doing a quality job, but there are always corners to be cut.


SHORTER EMAILS ARE BETTER. Effective writing is actually saying what you need to say in as few words as possible. Often the fewer words, the greater the impact.


NO EMAILS ARE BETTER YET. Do you really need to send it? Can you quickly talk to someone? Pick up the phone?


OUTSOURCING IS WHERE IT’S AT. Get groceries delivered. Use a telemedicine app if you can when a kid gets sick.  Bring the world to you as often as possible.


DELEGATE. There are loads of reasons why people don’t delegate, but unless you do, nothing will change. The first step is accepting that yes, others will most likely do it differently. Big deal. The aim here is not perfection—the aim is to save time.


CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT. I choose carefully what I read and what information I absorb. I rarely watch television. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media. Instagram is my one vice. I only follow and connect with people who enrich my life.


BE A MULTITASKING DEMON. My hairdresser would fall over if I arrived without my laptop. It’s never happened.


SAY NO. A LOT. I turn down lots of things that just aren’t going to give me pleasure or help in any way. I guard my time above all else. It’s always my number one consideration.


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