Mindset Reset: Shifting from Failure to Fabulous

The lens through which we view the world is profoundly influenced by personal experiences, social and cultural influences, even our upbringing. This lens influences our boldest decisions and trickles down to how we manage small daily routines. It also influences how we view success and failure.


As mom entrepreneurs, you are tasked with the mundane to magical, daily. You know being a mom and a business woman isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.  It’s gritty out there, Ladies! And our mindset makes the biggest impact on our overall health, happiness and ultimate success.


When my women’s yoga clothing business didn’t reach the level of success I hoped for, it was time to boldly go where I hadn’t dared before: my subconscious. I recognized it was time to unbind from the beliefs around unworthiness, shame and fear of failure. 


Years later, after many successful endeavors, I am honored to guide women through a course I developed for the SBDC and the Women’s Business Center. The course is designed to help you reset your mindset, build confidence and shift your perspective of failure. One of the exercises I guide women through is building a Failure Resume. Try this from home.


What it is

Like a regular resume, a failure resume chronicles your “failure” experiences,  skills and lessons learned, and how you have applied these lessons in current situations, and the new outcome.


Why it works

Awareness is the great liberator. Once you become aware of the emotions and lessons around failure, you begin to live and work unbound to shame, reconnecting with your energy, passion and confidence.


How to do it

Write down the projects you consider failures. Next, jot down the justifications and reasons for the failure (not enough funding, time, energy, etc.).  As you review these experiences, pay attention to the emotions that arise and write those down as well. Lastly, dig deep for the lesson that may not be so obvious.  By boldly exploring the lessons and distilling the gifts, you will unbind from your limits.


Failure isn’t a stop sign. It’s simply a sign indicating “limits reached,” meaning you’ve reached the edge of one or more of your limiting beliefs. Shifting this mindset is a bold act that will move you from feeling like a failure to feeling like the fabulous woman you truly are.


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