5 Crucial Tips for Return-to-Work Moms: Steps for Getting Back to Work

One of the first posts I shared on return-to-work-moms was a picture of Big Bird wedged between boardroom seats filled with men and women in business suits. Jumping back into the workforce can feel like that. Taking the time to evaluate your ideal career picture is a crucial prerequisite for job search success. Here are 5 steps to build a strong foundation and thrive in your return-to-work journey.  

What Does Work Mean to You?

Few jobseekers stop to meditate on what work means to them, but it’s important for return-to-work moms because we need passion and fulfillment as part of our professional pursuit. You may notice that your ambitions and motives have changed pre/post baby, that’s to be expected. I recommend journaling about this topic and the questions below:

  • What are three things you look forward to in your next role? People, type of work, schedule…
  • What skills, expertise, and insights do you want to bring to your next role?
  • What do you want out of your career in the next 3-5 years?

Take Stock of Your Motives

Journaling about your return-to-work is a cornerstone because the transition in redefining yourself as a working mom will come with floating-on-cloud 9-days and lowly ones, too. Revisiting your WHY can be used as a grounding message and replenish your drive.

A Personal Brand to Transcend Your Job Search Documents

The time spent diving into your career journaling will funnel into your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. You are mapping out who you are and what you want in the next chapter of your professional life. Use these career stories, wish lists, and top talents in your job search documents to stand-out.

Forward Focused Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn

You want to move forward in your career, right? Adopt a future focused perspective in the language throughout your job search documents. Organize the information that shows you are competent in the job you seek in hierarchical fashion; use your transferable skills and valuable experiences to lead the way in your first lines because the recruiter will read from top to bottom.

Get Out There!

Equipped with confidence and clarity you are ready to share that you are Open to Work! For moms, I recommend diving into your network first. Motherhood brings many dear friends and acquaintances that want to support you. Approach these conversations clearly stating what you want to do in your next role and request that they connect you with a specific person or known opportunity. Follow up with gratitude and your resume to easily forward along. 

Motherhood and careerhood are both incredible journeys to discover and challenge yourself more deeply. Enjoy the process and always strive for more!



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