RISE: An Essential Upgrade for Women of Color

Women, more specifically women of color, are in the fight of their lives as America runs the risk of unraveling decades of progress in workplace equality due to the economic effects of COVID-19. All signs indicate women and minorities are hardest hit: Women

are 1.8 times more likely than men to have lost their job due to COVID-19 and women of color are twice as likely to have lost jobs compared to other populations.


Stopping the dramatic COVID-19 backslide in workplace equality requires immediate action to help reverse these alarming trends. Women who have to care for children and support their families need remote roles that are family-friendly and offer flexibility to be able

to handle swift economic shifts like those experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


That’s why MomProject.org launched RISE, a scholarship program committed to upskilling and elevating moms and women of color to accelerate opportunity and economic increase. 


The RISE program is a transformative career accelerator, awarding scholarships for highly sought-after tech program certifications and pairing participants with accelerated job placement upon completion through The Mom Project’s network of program partners, corporate

sponsors and advocates.


The program is designed to be achievable given the multitude of commitments that moms and women of color face. Cost barriers are removed with fully-funded scholarships and the program takes no longer than three months of part-time participation, so that women can

continue to work and care for their family while they complete the program. The support of our community offers encouragement, mentorship and additional resources.


Participants who complete the program receive job placement support, help moms and women of color find opportunities with companies that value their skills and lived experiences, and are committed to a diverse and family-friendly workplace.


RISE aims to maximize the power, influence and earning potential of talented women of color. The program helps meet industry demand for diverse talent, increasing

representation and getting women of color closer to realizing pay parity.


American women have the power, courage and talent to lift their families up by their bootstraps—but the shoes have to fit. RISE is more than upskilling certifications; RISE provides community and support in a program that truly sees her and her needs, and elevates her

without compromising authenticity.   To learn more, visit TheMomProject.com/RISE