Blue Bonnet Baker Blogs Her Way to the Bank

In a recent episode of MomsTown 365, The Daily 10-Minute Podcast for Mom Creators, we had the opportunity to talk with a very successful mom blogger.

Her name is Amber Bracegirdle. She’s the founder of, and the online ad exchange, Mediavine. Mediavine is helping content creators make money with their blogs and develop sustainable online businesses.

Here’s an excerpt from that episode-


Q: We’re excited to have you join us! Will  you share with our listeners a little bit about who you are and tell us, what is Mediavine?


A: Sure. I am, first and foremost, a food blogger. I’ve been a food blogger since 2008. My website is Bluebonnet Back in 2012, I met a few partners that wanted to start an online food blog and we started a site together called Food Fanatic. It was unique in that it was the first time the guys had ever created their own content. It really opened them up to the fact that all of these content creators, themselves included, were having the same pain points.


One of those pain points was ad technology. And so we built our online advertising platform. That kind of opened the floodgates and we were able to represent not just our own sites, but  any site.


So that’s what we do. We actually help content creators across the lifestyle space, put ads on their blogs, but we come at it from a really different place than most ad companies in that we’re content creators too.

We don’t want to have slow sites.

  • We don’t want to alienate readers.
  • We don’t want to have them have a bad experience when they visit your website.
  • We want them to come back.
  • We want them to subscribe to your newsletter, all those things.

So, when we make decisions about our ad tech, we actually do it from a reader perspective first. What’s really funny is that by making decisions based on the user experience that keeps users on the page, we’re actually also giving advertisers what they want because they want engaged audiences looking at their ads.

It sort of solves two problems at once. And so that’s what we do.


Q: How have you seen the blogging industry evolve over the years? And where would you say it’s at now and what you see happening in the future?


A:  When I started in 2008, was a hobby and it remained a hobby. It was never my full-time job. I was always working a full-time job, but it was my way to have a voice, especially after I had my first child, I just needed an outlet to be creative. It was also connecting me back to my family that was living far away. I think a lot of bloggers start blogs as a passion project that then evolve into a business.


Many of those women that I’ve known, for more than 12 years now, are now the breadwinners in their family and they, or their husbands actually quit their full-time jobs to come and work on the website.



Amber went on to say that a lot of people have been predicting that blogging is dead. She assures us it is not. Amber says blogging has only gotten bigger and better.


Listen: For more information about Amber and her work, visit and to hear Amber’s tips on starting a blog… tune into, Episodes #74 & #75.