How to Love Your Life from the Inside-Out

Have you ever wondered if your fitness goals are hurting your happiness, instead of helping it?  We live in a culture that constantly shows us being beautiful and thin is important, and that “worthy” people care about exercising and healthy eating.  We’re influenced by this messaging from such a young age that we’re blind to it, and many of us never pause to wonder how it’s impacting our lives. If we did, we might wake up and realize our happiness is more important than our dress size. 


After nearly 15 years of helping women, I’ve noticed success starts inside. Women make wellness goals for one of two reasons. The first reason is love; she loves herself so deeply that she is called to care for her body. After all, you take care of the things you love! The second reason is the opposite; fear. She’s afraid she’s not good enough because she’s not what society expects her to be. 


For the first woman, her health and wellness is authentically a top priority. For the second woman, health may seem like her top priority at first. However, a deeper look shows that her top priority is actually hustling for her self worth. This difference in intention is like the difference between a real designer handbag and a knockoff. At first, both bags look the same.  However, carry them around for a few weeks and you’ll notice the knockoff doesn’t act the same as the real thing.  It feels different, smells different and ultimately wears out quickly. That’s why using fitness and healthy eating to hustle for your self worth never works long term. Like that knockoff handbag frays, your motivation wears out quickly. 


Spend time reflecting on your priorities. Is health and wellness really, truly a priority for you?  If it’s not, I want you to know that’s ok. You get to be who you are, even when that’s not what society expects you to be. The important thing is to become aware of your priorities and make a conscious choice about who you’re going to be, so you can feel whole. With wholeness comes power and deep motivation. You’ll have a solid foundation from which to make changes to your wellness if that’s what you really want. 


With your head in the right place to move forward with wellness goals, the right approach matters. Diets don’t work long term, so starting with a fad diet will demoralize you quickly. You need to learn how to eat when you’re not on a diet. So, slowly work on introducing healthy habits. Focusing on habit change helps reset your body’s autopilot, so you naturally reach for foods that serve you.


Lauren Chante is a health strategist, specializing in helping women stop jumping from diet to diet so they can find what works for their unique bodies and lives. Lauren teaches her signature method of wellness coaching to students globally. She has a master’s in exercise science, is a certified nutrition coach, strength and conditioning coach and yoga teacher. As a mom of 3, she gets mom life and all the details that make moms different.


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