20-Ways to Support Out-of-Work Women

Many families, whether it’s your family, the family next door or across the country, are facing a lot of uncertainty. By now, most of us know a woman, probably more than just one, impacted professionally by the pandemic. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 865,000 women dropped out of the labor force in September compared to only 216,000 men.

Our friend, Emily Stark from Marketable Mama, shares with us how we can all show a little love to moms facing professional and economic uncertainty.


Here are 20 Ideas:


  1. Give her a LinkedIn endorsement + recommendation
  2. Connect her to a hiring stakeholder
  3. Give a job referral on her behalf 
  4. Share trusted, reliable childcare info
  5. Send her a relevant job post 
  6. Tell her about a stellar company you know
  7. Email a career story of a time she shined
  8. Read over her resume
  9. Tell her about a career coach for moms 
  10. Share remote work sites: (i.e. Fiverr, FlexJobs and Upwork)
  11. Offer to host a Zoom activity for her kids
  12. Share virtual career event info 
  13. Call just to check-in 
  14. Mail her an inspirational card
  15. Share career advice hubs: (i.e. The Mom Project)
  16. Send her a useful article, like: “Ace Your Job Search While Managing Virtual School” 
  17. Introduce her to other out-of-work women
  18. Share a professional organization with her
  19. Share her LinkedIn posts 
  20. Send her dinner 



Listen: https://momstown365.com/episodes/emily-stark-marketable-mama